is is farming/seeds/milling a good career path

Hat’s off! is farming/seeds/milling a good career path with best paying jobs

is farming/seeds/milling a good career path?

Hat’s off! really for asking this question is definitely 100% farming/seeds/milling is a good career path because farming is not a paid job because it’s a life for all living human beings. So don’t see it’s a good career because it’s almost the top career in the world but most of them are don’t aware of it. If you are interested in farming/seeds/milling work please definitely you can do this work because our feature generation also eats our traditional foods.

So, say thanks to god to reach this career idea first, Don’t worry, In this post, I help you with how is farming/seeds/milling a good career path and how many jobs are available in farming/seeds/milling. Let’s first see the deep knowledge of agriculture and its development.

What is agriculture/farming?

Agriculture means understanding you agree with human culture, It’s my own thought the name comes to agriculture. It is a process of cultivating plants and seeds by doing certain processes like irrigation, pesticides, fertilizer, maintaining seasons, and good hard work of farmers that all combine to make food from plants, the process is called agriculture or also called farming.

Why is farming are important?

In the part of agriculture/farming, there are several departments there, I understand major of them are asked about any career like It department in this farming/seeds/milling field. Actually, you have a better and even better career life in this field. Nowadays most of them are not coming agri-field because the reason is all are expecting good hikes and want to settle fast on your life, so you missed the pure part of life, according to me.

I’m not saying It fields are bad because it’s also needed for our technological development but apart from that technology the natural life happiness only get by doing farming. All of them know, that all the natural things we get, that have not come with money, the origin of the fruits and vegetables comes under the nature gods, In these, the first god is a farmer because, without his hard work for cultivating, we never get anything by money.

Ok, now you may like this post, if you love the post please share it with your friends, because sharing good things is not wrong.

what is the process of farming/seeds/milling?

Farming means cultivating plants and vegetables.Seeds are used for plant and vegetable breeding. Milling is the process of grinding.
Business & lifesaverIt’s a part of the farming businessIt’s a milling business
The process is to cultivate the plants from seedsFrom the seeds start a root- plantAfter rice, milling for rice flour, etc.
Eating today’s foods with their hard work.All vitamins that we take from food which are come from fruits. the main origin is seeds.Drinking Coffee/tea today, it’s milling the plant’s/seeds.
Now tell is farming/seeds/milling good career path or not?

Learn about the full process of farming?

  • Step 1: Plowing the soil
  • Step 2: Leveling the soil
  • Step 3: Showing (Put seeds in the soil)
  • Step 4: Add fertilizer/manure
  • Step 5: Irrigation
  • Step 6: Weeding
  • Step 7: Harvesting
  • Step 8: Threshing
  • Step 9: Storing
  • Step 10: Selling

I will prove farming/seeds/milling is a good career path:

1. Plowing the soil:

Plowing the soil means what? Actually, the first part of agriculture after selecting a good landscape is plowing. By plowing the soil, the farmers bring the nutrients under the soil which is called ground soil. It is helpful for plants to grow faster and observe the fertilizer. So only many agricultural lands are always looking on horizontal lines. It can be done with tractors and animals like bulls.

Another important reason for plowing is help to break the thickened soil, so it’s easy for cultivating plants and also gain natural fertilizer like earthworms, Sand snakes, etc. The plowing is also called ploughing. As a starter of farming, you may face some little difficulties but after cultivating the plants your pain will go with smiling plants all around the land.

I hope, now you got the process of plowing.

2. Leveling the soil:

This is the second step done after plowing because in plowing the sand is like a splitter or looks mixed, now we need to even out the soil. The process is called leveling the soil. It can be done by Leveling tractors or with bulls. In earlier days most of the farmers did by their own hands, but now 80% of them use tractors and 20% of them use bulls. So it’s will make easier by our young generation, therefore we also support all types of industries like machinery industry to IT.

See the above pic, don’t stop only with visualization you must follow this process in farming. The work is very interesting to do with the tractor. It’s like driving a car in the sand but doing it straight and properly. After leveling, we need to put the seeds, so they will need to be well aligned with the soil. It will be easy to do it, I personally enjoy the movement of leveling.

3. Sowing (Put seeds in the soil):

Sowing the seeds is a very important process, the process name called sowing. So why it’s very important means it’s an initial start for cultivating plants, so before sowing the seeds, we need to check the soil quality and depth of the soil. Based on the soil quality only we consider the plant growth period. The sowing method is mostly done by several types of methods are there. Let us see the methods,

  • Broadcasting method
  • Dibbling method
  • Drilling method
  • Transplanting method
  • Hill drop method

Broadcasting method:

It is the new method of sowing, the process of the broadcasting method is throwing the seed all around the soil like sprinkling water and giving food to birds. It can be done by humans and machines. I’m really enjoying writing this post.

Dibbling method:

This method’s name is dribbling because we use dribbling. Actually, dribbling means like a small pipe and we just insert the pipe into the soil, after we put a seed into the pipe hole. This method easily inserts the seed directly into the depth of the soil. (In the traditional method used the same but at that time used a funnel to insert the seed).

Drilling methods:

It same as the previous method, but in this method, we used a drilling machine, this machine is not a normal drilling machine because it’s specially made for the sowing process. It can be handled manually, only if you are experienced.

Transplanting method:

The transplanting method is just to select the good seeds and placed the seeds line by line. This method is mostly used for planting flowers and vegetables. The machine which is used for transplanting is called a transplator.

Hill drop method:

This method is the same as a transplanting method because it is also like sprinkling by put a gap between each seed. This is mostly done by farmers in hill stations. Our favorite tea and coffee are growing only by these methods.

4. Add fertilizer/manure:

Fertilizer is necessary for healthy plant growth, So we used fertilizer in agriculture/farming. It contains a lot of nutrients and helps to absorb more nutrients in plants. The fertilizer is also called manure. So after sowing the seeds we need to use fertilizer in the soil.

How to add fertilizer to the soil?

Good, you just add the fertilizer after placing the seed inside the soil. It’s simple and very healthy for plant growth.

How many types of fertilizers?

  1. Organic fertilizers
  2. Chemical fertilizers

Kindly use only natural organic fertilizer. Some of the natural organic fertilizers are (Cowdung, Bio-compost, vermicompost, etc.). I don’t suggest chemical fertilizer because it affects the plant’s original quality.

5. Irrigation:

Irrigation is the process of sending water to the plant because it must be required for plant growth, without water the land will dry, So irrigation is must need up to the end of the farming process. For irrigation, you need to set up certain irrigation method, the types of irrigation which is used in farming,

  1. well irrigation
  2. Surface irrigation
  3. Canal irrigation
  4. Localized irrigation
  5. Sub-irrigation
  6. Manual irrigation
  7. Center pivot irrigation
  8. Drip irrigation (Modern irrigation)
  9. Sprinkler irrigation (Modern irrigation)

Select the above one of irrigation methods, which is comfortable for your land.

6. Weeding:

Weeding is the process of removing unwanted plants. It’s an important process because we need to spend money on fertilizers, tractor services and several expenses are there to grow the plants safely, So we don’t waste our nutrients on unwanted plants, then we need to remove the unwanted plants safely. It can be done by mostly humans apart from machines and is called hand-pulling weeds. Doing with machines makes breakage of wanted plants.

7. Harvesting:

The process of harvesting is picking out the crops which are grown fully and healthy crops. It has the happiest day for farmers because on that day only they earned good credit for their year of hard work. An average time period of the harvest of a crop is taken up to 100 days. Harvesting day is also called farmer’s day. After completing the above steps, you should maintain the crops by giving protection, Irrigation, Fertilizing, and finally, you get a good amount of grown crops. I’m feeling happy by writing this post, So think, about how the farmers will feel.

Types of harvesting:

  1. Harvesting with hands
  2. Harvesting with machines

Most of the done harvesting with hands, because it gives very happy when our hard work glow on your hands. It is also the safest method when compared to the machinery method. Several machinery methods are there but I recommend using your farming team and making a harvest like a happy festival.

8. Threshing:

After harvesting, we need to thresh the crops, because we want the rice, wheat, and several grains. So we need to do the threshing. Actually, threshing is the process of splitting the grains from the crops. All the farmers are very happy while doing this work because after threshing it will go to storage and sell the grains to get paid for the work. During that time most of the farmers will happily sing songs because it was a golden day for them. How happy do you feel to read this?

Types of threshing?

  1. Hand threshing
  2. Machine threshing

If you want to feel the happiness of hard work, you can do a little hard work by doing threshing on your hands, it produces a lovely beat while doing it in hand, please feel the work it touches your soul. I recommend mostly hand threshing. On another side, machine threshing saves your time but you have to buy the threshing machine. Now your choice, which one is better for you can go with it.

9. Storing:

Storing is the final process of farming, Now it’s the time to protect and save our food under several food administrations it’s changes by each country. But we don’t need to be afraid, because our product will gold when you use natural fertilizer and organic products for farming. So only I can’t recommend any chemical products because agriculture/farming is not doing for the business. On another side, it’s also a business.

Don’t confuse, follow the steps as I said above, and you will get 100% good results. Now I believe most of them want to become a farmer. Again I said farming/seeds/milling is really a good/golden career path. Ok, according to storing you need to maintain under a certain temperature and moisture. It will vary by each and every crop.

10. Selling:

After completing the storage, We need to sell the grains to get paid for the hard work. So send our cereal crops (Rice, wheat, maize, barley, millet, etc) to wholesale shops or rice mills and even take government projects. In this process, we meet the seeds selling and milling work. So if you have your own rice mill you get more profit by making your own brand.

For example – myreachbest rice mills, myreachbest supermarket, etc.

For cultivating fruits and vegetables, you can directly sell by putting your own shop, even if the shop is small, it gives more profit. Try to build a natural business. If you have no time to sell, so you can just sell the crops/fruits/vegetables at wholesale rates.

Now, that the complete process of agriculture/farming is finished, now you can tell the answer (is farming/seeds/milling a good career path)? I hope you understand. Ok next, let’s come to jobs available in farming/seeds/milling next.

How many jobs are available in catalog distribution specialty – Read after completing the post

How many best paying jobs are available in farming/seeds/milling?

Now, for these three things the main part is agriculture, So I tell some of the good jobs that are available in the agriculture path which are related to farming/seeds/milling.

  1. Enterpreuner/own business
  2. Agriculture operation manager
  3. Agriculture Specialist
  4. Standard’s manager
  5. Farm labor
  6. R&D Modern Farmer
  7. Horticulturist
  8. Agriculture equipment technician
  9. Agriculture Inspector
  10. Account manager in (farming/seeds/milling) department

1. Entrepreneur/own business:

All of them know about entrepreneurship, which means those ones start their own businesses without the help of anyone. So in farming/seeds/milling, these three jobs are common in agriculture but the nature of the own business can also handle by a single person or different persons. I explain how you can start as an entrepreneur in farming/seeds/milling.

For becoming a farmer:

  • As an entrepreneur in farming, you need to have traditional and or else you need to buy land.
  • After buying land you need to set up irrigation.
  • Next, you need to buy a tractor, fertilizer, seeds, etc.
  • It’s not handled by a single person, so you need to hire a worker.
  • At last, maintain the expenses of tax, electricity, services, etc.

Becoming a seed business owner:

  • For the seed business, you need to wholesale buy different types of seeds from farmers, like flowers, vegetables, and crops.
  • If you are a farmer, you can cultivate the plant and get a seed to sell on your own.
  • This business has high-profit returns because you need to sell unlimited seeds and based on the category you set a price to get a good profit.
  • High-profit flowers are the Kadupul flower, Juliet rose, Saffron, etc. So you sell the seeds of the flowers or even sell the flowers to get great profit.

Becoming a milling business owner:

  • For a milling business, you need a good amount of investment for the business because it needs a large area of the building, milling machines, and needs to manage workers.
  • So, as a beginner, if you have good money you can start, but don’t get any loan for this business.
  • It’s also a high-profit business.
  • Examples: We use rice powder, corn powder, and wheat flour that are comes under the process of milling.

2. Agriculture operation manager:

The agriculture operation manager is needed to operate the major process of operation like managing labor, make engagement with local grocery shops, maintaining the business, Checking the quality of the products, managing growth rates of crops, maintaining junior-level workers, and taking care of any problems related to agriculture.

For this agriculture operation manager post, you have a minimum experience of 3 years and you must have completed agriculture-related studies. This job has a good amount of pay based on your experience, your main role is to manage the complete operation of the agriculture field. Don’t worry because the agriculture fields have different types of cultivation.

For example, the carrot farm means you need to manage the complete operation of carrot farming.

Estimated Salary: 50000$ per year in the USA.

3. Agriculture specialist:

For the agriculture specialist post, you need to maintain the total field operations, this post is also the same as the previous post. In these posts, you should manage the complete crops and maintain the machinery components and follow the irrigation process, assist with new ideas for developing farming, etc.

This post also requires a bachelor’s degree which is done in the agriculture department and for this field, you need a minimum of two years of experience. Based on the post, your salary will be high. you should apply for the post – click here and have a good amount of bonus. This post is split into two grades, based on your experience and qualification you should be appointed related to your experience.

Estimated Salary – 35000$ – 50000$ per year in the USA.

4. Standard’s manager:

The standard manager post is a very important job because you need to check the crops or farming products that meet certain quality, with the help of a quality checker. In this post, your main responsibilities are to connect with stakeholders and help to get quality products at low prices. For any problems with stakeholders, you need to solve their problems.

For this job, you need a well-knowledged and good skills to manage the stakeholders. If any problem field, you must give attention to solving the problem. According to this job position, you need 6 years of experience and you are well good in a computer-related department like Ms-office, Ms-excel, Ms-powerpoint, etc. As a fresher, you just know about the post because for this post fresher is not eligible. If you are experienced you can try it here.

Estimated Salary: 60000$ per year in the USA.

5. Farm labor:

The work nature of farm labor jobs is to work on the process of cultivating farms, in another way they are also called a farmer. They also do all the things that are said by the owner or farmer. For this job, you need to start from plowing to harvesting, so I said you are also a farmer. In this job, you got good experience in farming with a professional farmer. So don’t see the job as labor because this job lift your career up in the future.

For this job requirement, you need to drive a tractor and have a proper license for driving. According to pay, you don’t need to worry because it has good pay for your hard work and you also get a lot of experience by working with large farms. For this field, you have a minimum bachelor’s degree in agriculture and must have three months’ experience. If you are interested and want the experience you can apply here.

Estimated salary: 12$ per hour in the USA.

6. R&D Modern Farmer:

This role of R&D modern farmer refers to Research and Development of Modern Farmer. The work nature of the job is to find improvements in farming for each and every process. The main development process in agriculture is sowing seed, irrigation, and harvesting, you have to work for the process development. This work is needed to combine with the farming manager. Also, you need to work with a complete farming team mainly with certain groups.

Another part of the job is to maintain each and every piece of data in several databases. It requires certain experience in machinery developments in farming. So this type of job is suitable for those interested to work in the development side. Most of them go with IT software development but these types of jobs are really low competition. I expect our agriculture needs development, so please look at this job – Click here.

Estimated salary: 15$ per hour in the USA.

7. Horticulturist:

A horticulturist is an interesting job, who needs to take care of the plants, trees, growth of fruits and vegetables, measure the growth level and protect from insects using pesticides. For this job, you have good scientific knowledge of plant development. In each and every development of the plant, need to notice the health of the plants and make complete data of cultivating crops. Also, you have good knowledge of analyzing suitable landscapes for farming or gardening.

According to farming, this role is very important to make the crops grow healthy. For this job role, you have a degree in BSC horticulturist or BSC Biology mostly you have well knowledge of plant biology. This competition of the study and the job is very low, it will be definitely required for farming, to maintain our crop quality stable. The best job as a horticulturist you can apply here.

Estimated salary – 20$ – 28$ per hour in the USA.

8. Agriculture equipment technician:

The work of the Agriculture equipment technician is to repair their machinery products which are used in agriculture/farming. In this job you need to handle machinery components, So you have a good experience in electrical and automobile repairing. Mostly, this type of job is like an electrician job, but some companies hire for a permanent role.

According to job requirements, you need a good experience in tractor repairing and also have good knowledge in repairing irrigation, harvesting, sowing machinery types of equipment, etc. So as a fresher, you can learn the job with good equipment technician, After gaining some knowledge you can apply for the post. If already you have a piece of good knowledge of agriculture equipment repair, you can apply here.

Estimated salary – 22$ per hour in the USA.

9. Agriculture Inspector:

The agriculture inspector is the doctor of trees and farming because your responsibility needs to watch each and every quality of the products and issue certificates under the government. It’s a job as same as a quality checking inspector. Part of your main duty is to take each and every data of cultivation and investigate the complete process of farming.

In this job position, you have a great responsibility to take care of our nature, For example, some farmers use chemical fertilizers in farming, and you should not allow using chemical products. So you help to get good organic fertilizer at a low price because most farmers expect that. The main thing is any illegal things are happening in the agriculture field, you definitely have good power to take legal action.

So finally, the protection, quality checking, hygienic checking, helping farmers, and taking action against illegal this all is your responsibility. According to google, I searched to find the best but there are several jobs there, you can apply which one suitable – Click here.

Estimated salary – 35000$ – 55000$ per year in the USA.

10. Account manager in (farming/seeds/milling) department:

The duty of the account manager job is to manage the complete data of each and every cost in farming/seeds/milling. According to the farming/seeds/milling, they are all relative to farming/agriculture, So I tell you, you need to manage the data of which field you are working because in these three fields have separate account managers. For this job, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have good knowledge in accounts.

For example: If you working in the milling industry, you need to check the complete accounts of the milling industry. On another side, If you selected the seeds industry, so you need to manage the seed industry accounts.

Estimated Salary: 30000$ – 50000$ per year in the USA.

Advantages of farming/seeds/milling:

  1. First, the main advantage is you can feel the traditional work of farmers.
  2. By farming, you can help a lot of people by providing food.
  3. “Today’s farmer future’s hero” because it avoids food shortages in the future.
  4. The farming/seeds/milling field is better than the IT field.
  5. According to the profit of farming, you earn a good amount of money which is comparable to the senior software developer.
  6. In farming/seeds/milling these three businesses are one of the entrepreneur’s businesses.
  7. If you eat today’s food happily, the main reason is farmers.
  8. The value of food is equal to the value of farmers.
  9. There are good government loan opportunities for farmers.
  10. The seeds business is the top business, In this business, you earn more profit according to your plants.
  11. Milling businesses also get more profit by getting large company orders.
  12. In farming/seeds/milling these three work has available good government job position.
  13. You can work part-time or full-time based on your company.
  14. India and China are the topmost countries in the agriculture field.
  15. In the USA there are a lot of opportunities are available in agriculture for graduates.
  16. Farming/seeds/milling these all related work has used machinery operations.
  17. As a farmer, many government loan options are available.
  18. In agriculture there are a lot of organic fertilizers are available (Use only organic fertilizer).
  19. Finally, this job is the highest satisfactory job.
  20. There are a lot of job opportunities are available in farming/seeds/milling.
  21. Farming/seeds/milling is a good career path and your life.

The disadvantage of farming/seeds/milling:

  1. Many of them are not coming for this field.
  2. Some of them, don’t know about agriculture.
  3. By concentrating in this IT world, we forget about farming/seeds/milling.
  4. For a milling business, it requires a high investment.
  5. Most of them think farming is an uneducated field because these people need to grow up.
  6. Certain people don’t know about agriculture job opportunities.
  7. Many think agriculture has no profit business because they haven’t done it before.
  8. Some of the farmers use chemical fertilizer.
  9. This question you asking: is farming/seeds/milling a good career path? because you may think only disadvantages of agriculture.

Importance of farming/seeds/milling:

  1. Farming is not a normal job or career, it’s soulful work and earns nature foods more than money.
  2. We need to support farmers because they work hard for our food and health.
  3. If you meet a farmer, you see their hands, please salute them or at least give good respect to farmers.
  4. By supporting farmers, all should “plant a tree” later you can see the growth in your life day by day.
  5. Just support farmers by buying natural organic products.

Frequently asked related questions:

Q1. Best paying jobs are available in farming/seeds/milling?

There are a lot of job opportunities are available in farming/seeds/milling, Some of the best-paying jobs for farming/seeds/milling are Research scientists, Agriculture development engineers, agriculture operation managers, Standard managers/officers, and entrepreneurs.

Q2. how many jobs are available in farming/seeds/milling?

In farming/seeds/milling there is a large number of jobs based on your interest, education, and experience. So we can’t determine 10 jobs or 20 jobs but I mentioned some of the best 10 jobs in this post, I hope it helps.

Q3. I’m a fresher is farming/seeds/milling a good career path for me?

Yes definitely, the more youngsters want to involve in farming/seeds/milling and do more new projects on farming and work as modern farmers or traditional farmers both are great to cultivate crops. So be proud to be a farmer.

Q4. Farming/seeds/milling can do as a Part-time job?

Definitely, If anyone provides a part-time opportunity please join the work in farming because you got so much experience while working in real-time. After gaining good experience, you will become a farmer.

Conclusion of the post:

According to my knowledge, I hope delivered a good idea about your career. Again, I said congratulations for thinking about this career because many of them don’t think about agriculture. It’s a time to grow up easily on this field, Be ready to learn agriculture by doing farming/seeds/milling and our future needs the knowledge about agriculture, So If you like this post, please share it on all social media because sharing good think makes help for someone.

Written by Karthikeyan (CEO of

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