is consumer electronics appliances a good career path

wow! is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path

Is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path?

Yes, consumer/electronics appliances is a good career path for those ones who are interested in the electronic field, It has great development and rapid growth in this career but you have to understand the product (electronic appliances) which is helpful to the consumer.

If the work status is based on your experience, knowledge, and your educational background, So without the best educational qualifications may you have experience it’s a good choice for you.

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    What is consumer electronics?

    What is consumer electronics?

    Consumer electronics means general electronics that we use in our day-to-day life. Now if you are reading the post on your Laptop or Computer or Mobile, etc. These are also the types of consumer electronics. Now all of them understand like all the electronic products that we use in our homes, that’s all considered consumer electronics.

    What are Consumer appliances?

    is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path

    The electronic appliances that we use privately for our home that all are called consumer appliances. They are several types of consumer appliances we use in our home like television, home theatre, Refridgerator, Washing machine, Micro oven, Water heater, Laptops, Fan, Air coolers, Air conditioners, Vacuum cleaner, Dishwasher, Electric bulbs, etc.

    What are the types of consumer electronics/appliances a good career path:

     types of consumer electronics /appliances a good career path:

    According to consumer electronics/appliances, there are considered three types, types are,

    1. Consumer home electronics/appliances
    2. Consumer Office electronics/appliances
    3. Consumer Public electronics appliances

    Consumer home electronics/appliances:

    Generally, what is the electronics products we used in the home are called home appliances. In these home appliances according to your career field, you became a sales manager or as start as a sales assistant and also a marketing manager.

    Based on your education there are more fields to grow your career in the consumer home appliances electronics department.

    Consumer office electronics/appliances:

    In-office mostly we use computers, laptops, printer and air conditioners these four are mostly we used electronic appliances in office but apart from general products like an office chair, tables, and interior arrangement.

    In interior arrangement also we need inbuild electric connection to decorate and set up best lights to the office. This type of project is considered consumer office appliances/electronics. These consumers are means office workers.

    Consumer Public electronics/appliances:

    The electrical products which are used in public by people are called consumer public appliances electronics. For Example, electric trains, mineral water purifiers, and free mobile chargers.

    So consumers can consume the currently in public by paying via transport and some free services are also available. In, USA government provides public charge stations for electric cars and electric motorbikes at a low cost compared to private companies.

    Best paying jobs are available in consumer electronics/appliances career path:

    Best paying  jobs are available in consumer/electronics appliances
    1. Electrical engineer
    2. Electronic product designer
    3. Testing engineer
    4. Electronic appliances lead manager
    5. Electronics field engineer
    6. Electronic repairer
    7. Digital Appliances showroom manager
    8. Electronic service
    9. Hardware developer
    10. Electronics sales department
    11. Wholesale sellers
    12. virtual electronics support
    13. Franchise electronics products
    14. Government electrical engineer
    15. Electronic product developer

    1. Electrical engineer:

    An electrical engineer is a good post in the electric field because their work is mainly focused on the development and make the construction of electrical products. According to the career growth in this field is very good and one of the best paying jobs in this electrical field.

    Some top companies pay 80000$-120000$ per year. If you are interested in the electronic developing field you choose the great career path of an electrical engineer.

    2. Electronics product designers:

    Basically, all of them like design in clothes, not only we like design in cloth materials apart from that several consumers can like the design of cars, sound system, Television, Air cooler, etc.

    So people were consistent upgrade according to the generations, by according to consumer’s needs our work need to make quality design than before. Many companies are hiring electronics product designers because they need to beat their competitors.

    The average pay for electronics product designers: 2000$ – 30000$

    3. Testing engineer:

    Electronic products are qualified by certain quality tests, that is managed by testing engineers. This field is the most important field because poor quality products affect the sales of the companies. So it has a large number of opportunities in this electronic field but you have a good amount of knowledge in hardware to achieve in this field.

    If the product does not have good parts means we need to report to the electronic manufacturing department and give the improvement solution to the manufacturer. This is the job nature of a testing engineer in the electronic/appliances department. For getting this job, you have a good understanding of hardware parts based on the product.

    For example, if you want to work with a sound system quality checker, you must know about speakers, woofers, and amplifiers.

    The average pay for the testing engineer is 5000$-20000$

    4. Electronic/appliances lead manager:

    The electronic lead manager is also the top-paying job because this work is lead to managing electronic products between seller and consumer. This process is like taking care of customer leads on one side and on another side need to manage the products that are manufactured correctly without missing anything because it will affect the new leads and old leads.

    So, Lead management is not that easy and not so much difficult because is based on your interest in the work. Finally, It is an electronics/appliances lead manager is a good career path.

    The average pay for the electronics/appliances lead manager: 5000$-50000$

    5. Electronics field engineer:

    This job is like managing the on-site electronic field. It is also one of the high-paying jobs in the electronic field. This is the same as lead management but in this work needs to manage the product quality and how the work was running, creating new ideas to improve the electronic products/appliances. Its responsible duty is to manage the complete process of the electronic field.

    This work must require good educational background with a good amount of knowledge and experience in an overall electric field because it needs proper attention and salary-wise it has a good package job.

    The average pay for the electronic field engineer is: 10000$-60000$

    6. Electronic repairer:

    The electronic repairer’s job nature is to repair the faulted electronic products. For these posts, you don’t have any high educational background. But you need to know a good knowledge of hardware parts management. So don’t need to know about software development that will take care of by an electrical engineer.

    According, to the job pay, is literally low when compared to other electronic fields. But if you build your own repair shop in the future you can earn the highest salary in this electronic field. So if you have good knowledge but weak educational background don’t worry. Try to start a business in the future and make your service as unique.

    The average pay for the electronic repairer: 1000$ – 3000$

    7. Digital appliances showroom manager:

    Nowadays, a large number of people use online digital shopping, as same as an equal number of consumers shopping at the showroom. In the showroom, while purchasing most of them meet the showroom manager because he will manage the data for discounts & offers. Actually, digital appliances means is also known as electronic appliances.

    The job nature of a digital showroom manager is to manage the digital products’ complete data like price, model number, etc. Also, able to manage the showroom employees according to their knowledge. It is like a managing and data-saving job. For, customer guaranteed and warranty service are also given by the digital showroom manager.

    The average pay for the Digital appliances showroom manager: 4000$ – 10000$

    8. Electronic service:

    This is one of the post-consumer services posts, the electronic service department needs to manage the repair process and acts according to the consumer product warranty. This is a complete background process like customer care, email submits received message to the electronic service center and after the mentioned number of days, product gets serviced.

    Electronic services have two types:

    1. Home service
    2. Store service

    1. Home service:

    The consumer product has a minor problem means the electronic repairer directly assists the consumer’s home from the electronic service center.

    For example: In led television motherboard only problem means the electronic servicer visits their home and changes the tv motherboard from the customer’s home.

    2. Store service:

    The consumer product has a major problem means the electronic repairer takes the product from the home and after need to a certain period of time to receive your products. It’s better to visit the store once while repairing, so only the work may be done fast.

    For example: In led television whole panel will not displaying means it needs to change the complete led panel. so it’s possible to change only in the electronic service center.

    The average pay for electronic service employer: 1000$ – 3000$

    9. Hardware developer:

    Hardware development is a top-paying job but it requires a lot of knowledge of hardware equipment and development. The job nature is solving queries of hardware parts, improving or upgrading hardware components, and having new creative ideas for product development. So, this field required all types of electronic companies but mostly computer electronic appliances.

    Top companies of Hardware developers:

    • Apple
    • Microsoft
    • Robert bosch
    • Intel Corporation
    • IBM
    • Bose sound system
    • Jbl
    • Sony

    The average pay for monthly pay for hardware developers: 5000$ – 15000$

    10. Electronic sales department:

    The sales in the electronic department are called the electronic sales department. It’s just like normal sales but needs specifically good knowledge about electronic products. This job is mostly required in the digital electronic department, so just knowing about general electronic products knowledge is enough.

    Some of the General electronic appliances: Television, washing machine, fridge, home theater, Mixer grinder, Air conditioning, etc.

    For example, if Some customer is asking about the home theatre, you need to answer with its specifications. So, a good general knowledge of products is enough with good speaking skills makes to achieve sales.

    Example companies: Reliance digital, Amazon digital, etc.

    The average monthly pay in the Electronic sales department: 800$ – 1500$

    11. Wholesale sellers:

    Wholesale selling is one of the top businesses in the electronic digital industries. In this business, it has thrice good amount profit than investment. Its business role is buying the whole electronics by import from other countries and making a profit by selling each and every product they imported. It is also called an Import business.

    Most people are doing these jobs online and offline, see the two types:

    1. Online Wholesale sellers
    2. offline wholesale sellers

    Online wholesale sellers:

    This type of wholesale seller sells on their own website or sells on related wholesale shopping websites. Online, most of them are running wholesales business on several platforms. So the main advantage is doesn’t charge, rent and electronic expenses like offline wholesale sellers.

    Top companies for online wholesale sellers: Alibaba, eBay, aliexpress, amazon, Indiamart, etc.

    Example: Selling a bunch of Bluetooth speakers in aliexpress.

    Offline wholesale sellers:

    This type of wholesale seller is selling their products offline. Offline sellers need a good shop and required a lot of investment to start. But it is an easy way to attract several products to shop visitors by showing the demo of the product. The wholesale offline product dealers also earn more but it needs several shop maintenance charges.

    Top companies for offline wholesale sellers: Reliance digital, Jiomart, etc.

    Example: Jbl is a good audio brand but it’s made in china. So how the products are available in India? The answer is buying offline wholesale sellers.

    The average monthly earning of wholesale sellers: 10000$-100000$

    12. Virtual electronic support:

    Virtual electronic support is the same as customer support jobs. In this job, you maintain the customer queries and solve all the customer doubts via calling and doing chats. It’s a good job because it doesn’t require doing any On-field work. So, if you are interested in the electronic customer support field you can apply but its career growth is fine.

    This post doesn’t require any higher educational qualifications, just a degree and good English communication skills are required for the post. Its competition is high but even if you have good qualifications you can apply for amazon jobs.

    The average monthly pay of virtual electronic support: 800$ – 1000$

    13. Franchise electronics products:

    The word “franchise” means the owners have the right to sell their branded products. Nowadays many people are doing franchise electronic business successfully. It has more advantages in this field because don’t need to have big investments and don’t need to make any promotions. Your approved franchise company does all the promotions.

    So, choose a good electronic brand apart from the highest paying brand. From your site, try to build a website for your store to earn more both offline and online. Create the brand into your brand by getting legal approval from your franchise company.

    Just only, for example, the JBL store is also getting myreachbest JBL store.

    The average monthly earnings of Franchise electronic products: 2000$ – 10000$

    14. Government electrical engineer:

    As government electrical engineer has several government exams according to every country. But as Indians, they write the government IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam. It is difficult to solve the exam but not impossible. So like Indian countries, many countries have their government jobs according to the country’s rules.

    If your country’s government has an electrical engineer job, you must try it apart from private. But if you are good in knowledge in the electrical field, definitely it’s easy to clear the exam. Government electrical post only required their related engineering graduate.

    The average monthly payment for a government electrical engineer is: 4000$ – 8000$

    15. Electronic product developer:

    An electronic product developer has the same job as an electrical engineer. But, according to the post they mostly concentrate on product development and upgrades. In electronics, we all know the product model was changing by every year, and that all is done with the help of a product developer. So is one of the top most paying jobs in the electronics/appliances field.

    If you have good knowledge in hardware, you can also apply for the post but most companies required both hardware and software knowledge with good updated skills.

    Some of the electronic product developer companies are Robert Bosch, Philips, Samsung, and sony.

    Is electric utilities central a good career path – Read here

    Advantages of Consumer electronics/appliances career path:

    1. Provides good pay
    2. Import business
    3. Government job opportunity

    1. Provides good pay:

    According to electronics/appliances field has a large number of job opportunities with a good amount of pay. It’s not the most competitive field by comparing the Informational technology or computer technology field. some of the good pay companies are Apple, Samsung Electronics, Huawei, etc.

    2. Import business:

    Import business is the one of the good profitable business. In the consumer electronics/appliances career, it makes you stand at your own hand. According to much research, the average profit of doing electronic appliances import business results in three times your investment. If you have an interest in business or you want to become an entrepreneur in the electrical field, it’s a great choice for you.

    Try electronic/appliances import business with Amazon FBA, Alibaba, eBay, etc.

    3. Government job opportunity:

    In the public electrical field, both government and private opportunity options are there, so you can select this field if your aim is to get in a government job. According to salary and career, it has provided starting from 3000$ based on your country pay will changes.

    Disadvantages of Consumer electronics/appliances career path:

    1. Be safe on electronics
    2. Don’t work when disturbed

    1. Be safe on electronics:

    This is common advice for those who are working or those who are interested to join both must follow the safety rules. Most accidents are happening in electronic fields day to day life, so it’s better to safe and must insure your life.

    2. Don’t work when disturbed:

    If you have some personal or official problem need to be calm for some hours and after work. Every person’s life has problems, so don’t feel more. If you are good at your mind you will achieve great success soon and all your problems will be solved automatically. So happily work by thinking about your family.

    Importance of consumer electronics/appliances career path:

    As of now, we all know the complete data about consumer electronics/appliances but we need to salute all the workers are how hard to make the product for the consumer. So we don’t judge or discriminate against any electronic products with small faults, because sometimes a little mistake can happen in every field.

    Same as we all try to be polite with customer care services because they have to need certain talk-time to achieve daily payment. So they call again and again, once you respond well politely, they will never call. I’m saying this because most people in electronics appliances are working in customer care services. But take it for all customer care services.

    Consumer electronics/appliances have the main one for changing the world of technology. Since the ’90s mostly 99% of them in the world don’t know about android mobile phones. But, nowadays the newborn baby also texts you on Facebook. See our generation grow by advancing from ours. The main reason is consumer electronics appliances.

    Top 15 companies for consumer electronics/appliances career path:

    Top 15 companies for consumer electronics/appliances career path:
    1. Samsung
    2. sony
    3. LG
    4. Apple
    5. whirlpool
    6. Philips
    7. JBL
    8. Robert Bosch
    9. Haier
    10. IFB Appliances
    11. Godrej
    12. Havells
    13. Daikin
    14. Blue star
    15. Panasonic

    1. Samsung:

    • Samsung brand is manufactured in South Korea
    • The owner of Samsung is Lee Byung-Chull.
    • This brand’s profit is 77 crore dollars within three months.
    • Manufacturing several home electronic appliances like televisions, washing machines, Refridgerator, Home theatres, etc.
    • It is one of the top consumer brands in the world.
    • The Samsung brand mobiles are one of the top competitors of apple mobiles.

    2. Sony:

    • Sony brand is manufactured in Japan
    • The owner of Sony is the Sony group corporation
    • This brand profit is $4.5 million dollars in 2022
    • Manufacturing large number of home electronic appliances and most famous in making television.
    • Sony is the top company around the world
    • Sony has a top higher-end model in television.

    3. LG (Life Good):

    • LG (Life Good) brand was manufactured in South Korea
    • The owner of LG is the LG group corporation
    • This brand profit is $14 million dollars up to 2022
    • Lg also manufactures a large number of consumer electronic products.
    • Lg is special in making kitchen appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.

    4. Apple:

    • Apple brand was manufactured in the United States
    • The CEO of Apple is the Tim cook
    • This brand profit is $152 billion dollars in 2021
    • Apple is the world-renowned brand
    • Apple has the world’s top manufacturer of mobiles and laptops.

    5. Whirlpool:

    • Whirlpool company was manufactured in the United States
    • The CEO of Whirlpool is Whirlpool Corporation
    • This brand’s profit is 567 crores of Indian rupees.
    • Whirlpool is one of the top electronic appliance brands.
    • Whirlpool has the top manufacturer of Washing machines.

    6. Philips:

    • Philips company was manufactured in the Netherlands
    • The CEO of Philips is Frans van Houten 
    • This brand’s profit is 3 billion euros
    • Philips is the top brand in electronic appliances.
    • Philps has manufactured several appliances like home theatre, Iron box, Mixer grinder, etc.

    7. JBL:

    • JBL brand was manufactured in China
    • The CEO of JBL is Dinesh Paliwal
    • This brand profit is 27 billion dollars in 2021
    • JBL brand has owned by Harman industries.
    • JBL has manufactured high-quality audio systems.

    8. Robert Bosch:

    • Robert bosch brand was manufactured in Germany
    • The CEO of Robert Bosch is Stefan Hartung
    • This brand’s profit is 78 billion euros in 2021
    • Robert Bosch is also the top electronic appliances manufacturer.
    • This company is one of the good brands in making washing machines.

    9. Haier:

    • Haier brand was manufactured in China
    • The CEO of Haier is Zhang Ruimin
    • This brand’s profit is 228 billion yuan in 2021
    • Haier is also manufactured multiple electronic appliances.
    • Haier is one of the eco-brand.

    10. IFB Appliances:

    • IFB brand was manufactured in India
    • The CEO of IFB is Harsh Vardhan Sachdev
    • This brand’s profit is 27 billion rupees up to 2022
    • IFB is manufacturing many electronic appliances
    • IFB Appliances are top ranking in the washing machine

    11. Godrej:

    • Godrej brand was manufactured in India
    • The CEO of Godrej is Adi Burjorji Godrej
    • This brand profits 420 crore rupees up to 2022
    • Godrej is manufactured several electronic appliances.
    • Godrej is good at manufacturing refrigerators.

    12. Havells:

    • Havells brand was manufactured in India
    • The CEO of Havells is Anil Rai Gupta
    • This brand profits 350 crore rupees up to 2022
    • Havells make certain types of electronic appliances like LED bulbs, fans, trimmers, etc.
    • Havells has the top fan brand in India.

    13. Daikin:

    • Daikin brand was manufactured in Japan
    • The CEO of Daikin is Kanwaljeet Jawa
    • This brand profits 5000 crore rupees up to 2022
    • Daikin is the top air conditioner brand.
    • Daikin is the competitor of LG and Bluestar.

    14. Bluestar:

    • Bluestar brand was manufactured in India
    • The CEO of Bluestar is Dawood Bin Ozair
    • This brand profits 25000 crore rupees up to 2022
    • Bluestar is one of the top air ac brands in India.
    • Bluestar is the top competitor of LG and Daikin.

    15. Panasonic:

    • Panasonic brand was manufactured in Japan
    • The CEO of Panasonic is Yuki kusumi
    • This brand profits 58 billion dollars up to 2022
    • Panasonic has one of the top brands in making consumer appliances.
    • Panasonic is good at making electronic parts.

    Frequently asked questions of consumer electronics/appliances:

    1. Why the consumer electronics/appliances a good career path?

    Consumer electronics/appliances is a good career path because it has a lot of job opportunities in the field and according to the electric field, even amazon jobs are hiring with high school level degrees with good salaries. Its consumer electronics/appliances are a 100% good career path.

    2. How many jobs are available in consumer/electronics appliances?

    There are a lot of job opportunities available in consumer electronics appliances but are based on your knowledge, experience, and education qualification.

    3. Is electric utility central a good career path?

    Yes, of course, the electric utility central a good career path, and there are several electric utility departments there but this main work source is public projects like power stations, dams, and electrition. Read more

    4. Is the electronics/appliances career job part-time or Full-time?

    In the electronics/appliances career job is mostly not allowed part-time, they hired only full time because companies require the works meet the good output. So, before hiring your interview question is difficult based on your postings.

    But, some of the small companies hire part-time jobs, according to mine it will not worth by spending part-time for money. It’s better to learn and earn in a better way with a good income.

    5. Is electronics/appliances consider a miscellaneous career path?

    Yes, electronics/appliances jobs are one of the good miscellaneous career paths, it has various jobs opportunity in these careers including entrepreneurship.

    6. In electronics/appliances jobs are required any cost for joining?

    100% no, none of the good companies will ask money for joining any of the jobs, So don’t fall in the scam, if any companies want money for giving jobs, that’s a cheater company. Be careful always in online and offline, Don’t believe anyone regarding job buying, visit the official site and apply for the job position as per your requirements.

    7. Best companies of electronics/appliances?

    The best companies of electronics/appliances are Samsung, Sony, Lg, Apple, Whirlpool, Philips, JBL, Robert Bosch, Haier, IFB Appliances, Godrej, Havells, Daikin, Blue star, Panasonic, etc.

    8. Electric/appliances vs electronics/appliances?

    1. Electrical/appliances: The electrical means get the current from natural sources of energy. For example, wind energy, solar energy, hydropower stations, etc.

    Examples of electrical appliances: Solar water heaters, Solar inverters, etc.

    2. Electronic/appliances: Electronic means get the power sources from the electric current. For example, running all home appliances with any natural source of electricity.

    Examples of electronics/appliances: Refrigerators, Washing machines, Vacuum cleaners, etc.

    Conclusion of the post:

    Finally, 200% of consumer electronics/appliances is a good career path because it has the topmost growing field in 2022. May expect this in the future but we are soon seeing, so many new electronic appliances and artificial intelligence in the world. So learn to achieve in any field, If you are good in interest in the electronics/appliances field it will be a great choice for your career growth.

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